Starting Up Your Own Preschool? Some Activity Ideas To Teach Children About Reading And Math

16 March 2017
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It takes a lot of work to start up your own preschool. Part of setting up is to make sure the children are happy. To do this, you should have activities ready for them to do to keep them busy, as well as to help them learn. Below are two tips on how to teach the children about reading and math. Reading Even if the children are too young to learn to read you can still do some things that will help them. Read More 

Why You May Want To Choose A Preschool That Is Centered Around Playing

18 September 2015
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Playing is something every child enjoys, and it is actually something that is vital for kids, which is why many parents look for preschools that offer play-based learning. If you are looking for a good preschool for your child, you too may want to consider finding one that teaches more so through play than through academics. Here are two things you should know about the importance of play for kids. Read More