Improving Your Child's Preschool Experience

Why You May Want To Choose A Preschool That Is Centered Around Playing

Playing is something every child enjoys, and it is actually something that is vital for kids, which is why many parents look for preschools that offer play-based learning. If you are looking for a good preschool for your child, you too may want to consider finding one that teaches more so through play than through academics. Here are two things you should know about the importance of play for kids. Playing Is Vital The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights believes so strongly in the vitality of play time for kids that their stance is that playing is the right of every child. Playing is how kids learn, but playing is vital for so many other reasons than this. Here are some of the main benefits offered when kids get the opportunity to learn through playing: It encourages proper brain development – When kids play, it improves their memory and leads to the release of BDNF, which is a hormone that keeps the brain healthy. They learn to problem solve – Children develop reasoning skills while playing, and this can help them learn how to solve problems as kids and as adults. When playing with other kids, they learn not only how to socialize, but also how to negotiate and work together. They are able to find things that interest them – As kids begin playing in a room filled with toys, they will have the ability and freedom to choose what to play with. By choosing things they like, they will have more fun while they play, and this may also help them develop interests in other things. It helps them imagine – When kids are playing with toys, they often imagine that the toys are real things. Developing a good imagination as a child may help a child become more creative as he or she grows up. They may end up with better grades when they are older – A current study showed a correlation between a child’s social skills and grades, and the result of this study was that kids with good social skills get higher grades in school. Playtime allows kids to socialize and build the essential skills needed to work with others. Playing is what kids do best, and a well-structured preschool will often give kids plenty of time for playing. While a play-based preschool still typically teaches kids the normal preschool-age academics, it […]