3 Ways To Nurture A Child's Independence In Preparation For Daycare

1 June 2023
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Parents love witnessing their children achieve various growth milestones. However, some parents are overly protective of their toddlers, affecting a child's independence as they prepare for daycare. Therefore, nurture a child's independence from an early age so that they are secure and confident in a new environment. This post highlights three ways a parent can support their child's independence in preparation for daycare. 

1. Childproof Your Home

Children are playful and curious about their surroundings; however, an unsafe home denies them independence since parents must constantly intervene for safety reasons. For example, parents might restrict children to play in a specific area. 

Therefore, childproof a home to make it safe for a child. A baby will play independently and interact with their environment without interference; for example, a baby can fall, rise, and crawl without help in a childproofed home. With time, a child will find transitioning to a daycare center easy.

2. Offer choices

Typically, parents make most decisions for their children, including clothing, meals, and toys. However, although deciding for a child is okay, allow them to make personal decisions. You deny a baby independence by constantly deciding for them. Furthermore, you risk starting a power struggle with a child, which might affect relations.

Give a child the freedom to choose based on preferences. For instance, let a child pick a pair of pajamas or toys they like at a store. Alternatives empower a child since they are free to express their likes, dislikes, and opinions. As a result, independence will help a child settle in a daycare center. 

3. Be Patient with Simple Tasks

Children's curiosity drives their urge to explore and learn about their surroundings. However, a child needs time to try and learn new things, such as putting items in a backpack or putting on a jacket. Unfortunately, some parents lose patience and help their children complete tasks. As a result, a child becomes dependent, hampering their transition into a daycare center. 

Give a child time to complete basic activities or chores to nurture their independence. For example, assign a child simple tasks and give them all the necessary time. Overall, responsibilities encourage a child to outgrow parental care making them feel capable and independent when they start daycare. 

Create an environment that supports a child's independence from an early age. Most importantly, autonomy fosters self-reliance, which helps a child settle in a daycare center.

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