What To Do When Your Child Was Bitten At Daycare By Another Kid

28 June 2017
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Biting is a common behavior in toddlers. That said, do not be surprised if you learn that your child was on the receiving end of a biting incident at their child care facility or daycare. What do you do when your child is bitten? Here is what should know. Do Not Panic It's normal that you want to ensure your child is protected at all times, and it can cause a lot of stress knowing that they were bitten while at the daycare when you were away. Read More 

Tips for Making it Easier for Your Child’s First Day of Childcare

13 April 2017
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You spent weeks, or maybe even months, looking at childcare centers. You went on tours, interviewed directors and asked friends who have kids about the best daycare centers in your area. Now that you've finally chosen one, your little learner is off to her first day of 'school'. The first day away is never easy—for either of you. Don't worry, your kiddo is about to enter a world of fun (that will also help her to grow and develop as a person) and you can feel comfortable knowing that she's getting top-notch care while you're away. Read More 

Starting Up Your Own Preschool? Some Activity Ideas To Teach Children About Reading And Math

16 March 2017
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It takes a lot of work to start up your own preschool. Part of setting up is to make sure the children are happy. To do this, you should have activities ready for them to do to keep them busy, as well as to help them learn. Below are two tips on how to teach the children about reading and math. Reading Even if the children are too young to learn to read you can still do some things that will help them. Read More