Starting Up Your Own Preschool? Some Activity Ideas To Teach Children About Reading And Math

16 March 2017
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It takes a lot of work to start up your own preschool. Part of setting up is to make sure the children are happy. To do this, you should have activities ready for them to do to keep them busy, as well as to help them learn. Below are two tips on how to teach the children about reading and math.


Even if the children are too young to learn to read you can still do some things that will help them. First, reading books is great. Hold the book toward them as you are reading and point to some of the words and the pictures when you say them.

Ask the children questions about the book while you are reading it. Read the book in a fun voice and have the kids act out certain parts.

Point out written words every day. For example, you could hang a lot of pictures with the word of what the picture is. Talk about these throughout the day, such as a picture of a dog with a large D underneath it. You would be surprised at how quickly children can pick up their letters.


Math is important and starting at an early age is very helpful for children.  There are many things you can do throughout the day to help them learn. For example, bring snacks for the children, such as crackers. Hand each child a certain number of crackers, such as three or four, and have them count them. Use small blocks to practice simple additions and subtractions with them.

Bring some cookie cutters in different patterns and a cookie sheet to your preschool. Layout the cookie cutters and ask the children to name the shapes. This is a great start to geometry

Make some playdough at home. When finished, separate the dough out in separate pieces, making sure there is enough for each child. Put the pieces of dough zip lock baggies. Take them to your preschool and give each child a baggie. Bring some food coloring with you.

Ask the children remove the dough from the baggie and add a certain number of drops to the dough. Ask them to knead the dough for a certain number of times. Once they finish if the color is not spread correctly, ask them to knead again a certain number of times.

These are just some things you can do to get started teaching children about reading and math. Do some research on games you can play with them that you will find helpful. To learn more, contact a school like Youthland Academy