How To Pick A Toddler Child Care Service

6 May 2020
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Toddlers are children who are no longer babies but are still in their earliest developmental phase. Toddlers are usually considered any child who is between the ages of one and three years old. They are often ambulatory and highly curious about the world around them, although they may not yet possess the fine motor skills necessary for tasks like writing. Toddlers require constant supervision. If you're unable to watch your toddler full time, there are child care services that can help. Here are four features to look for when choosing a toddler child care service:

1. Easily Accessible

The best toddler care facility is one that is convenient for your family. Choose a daycare that is close to your home or workplace, wherever you expect to spend the majority of your day. When toddler care is easy to access, you're more likely to use it on a regular basis. Having consistent routines is healthy for children because it helps them feel secure.

2. Encourages Language Skills

The toddler years are crucial when it comes to the development of language skills. Most children are able to say at least a few words by the time they're toddlers. Once toddlers can use simple words, they often pick up new words relatively quickly. Spending time listening to speech and communicating with others can encourage your child's language acquisition. Look for a daycare where carers spend time speaking to toddlers. Storytime is key for the development of language, as is time spent communicating one-on-one.

3. Cares for a Diverse Range of Children

Toddlers are still learning to socialize with people besides their parents. Peer socialization is an important part of this developmental stage. It's good for kids to be around a diverse group of agemates. In daycare, your toddler will learn to share and play nicely with others. Cooperation is a skill that is vital for the development of peaceful relationships. A toddler care service should offer playtime where kids can learn to cooperate and share with each other.

4. Offers a Safe Environment

Above all, a daycare should be safe for toddlers. Since toddlers are so curious, they often explore by putting things into their mouths. A good daycare will childproof areas where kids learn and play. All dangerous items should be out of reach of kids, and children should be supervised at all times. Any daycare you choose should meet basic safety requirements. To learn more information about choosing a child care service, reach out to a company such as Lighthouse  Academy